Hope for the Horn is committed to empower and equip local communities in Somaliland and Somalia so they can help themselves.

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Hope for the Horn is a grassroots, charitable non-profit relief and development organization, operating in the Horn of Africa, particularly Somaliland , with headquarters in Hargeysa, Somaliland.  While Hope for the Horn USA is a sister organization based in Lewis center, Ohio.

Our main mission is to help the poor Somaliland farmers and  livestock herders grow more food, keep their livestock healthy, utilize their environment in a sustainable way, and to overcome their adversity.

The whole infrastructures of the region were completely destroyed during the civil war. Since 2007, we have been helping local people and majority of our work; we rely on volunteers on the ground.

Majority of the people don’t have access to clean water, basic health services, and education.

The Current functioning public facilities don’t have adequate equipment, medical supplies and well trained staff to treat the sick and injured patients. For example, Hargeysa General Hospital - the only public hospital with a city of 850,000 people, the patients have to bring their own supplies, if they want to be performed on surgery on treated.

The situations are horrible other locations of the country as well. The health of the people in the region is the worst in Africa. It has the highest infant mortality, and malnourished children in the rural and urban are abundant too.

The people are living in appalling conditions. We know that we
can't solve every misery in this world, but at least, we could alleviate some suffering and make a difference.

Our work directly improve the quality of life for the people living in Somaliland/Somalia, by providing them a place where they can access health care, clean water and nutritional assistance for the orphans, seeds and tools for the farmers and give hope to thousands of vulnerable women and children.

With God’s blessing and provision, the dedication and the hard work of our volunteers, we are very passionate and committed the success of our charity work. And we will use your contribution frugally.

Our main area of focus: community health, water and sanitation, agricultural development, education, and micro-financing.

Your financial contribution help cover the cost of:

  • Medical services for patient care

  • Operating cost of medical facilities and remote clinics

  • Monthly subsidy for rural schools

  • Training cost for teachers, nurses, technicians and other health care personnel

  • Drilling, testing and maintaining a community well

  • Sending a sea container load of medical and educational supplies

  • Farmers getting better access to seeds, organic fertilizers, tools, water and market

  • Pastoralist accessing better quality animal health care

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